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Tinnitus treatment can come in many forms. For simplicity we have split it into two categories: Tinnitus Devices and Psychological Treatments, and each category has sub categories.

Tinnitus And Sleep - The Solution!

Written by Jason Levy. Posted in Tinnitus Treatments

Can't Get To Sleep and Can't Get Back To Sleep

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Many people with tinnitus find it hard to sleep and just don't know what to do. Quite often, your tinnitus doesn't seem as bad during the day as you have your daily tasks and the hustle and bustle of daily living to provide a welcome distraction.

It's during the night when a lot of people find it at its worst. You might find it difficult getting to sleep - with no other sound, your tinnitus can feel overwhelming, making you anxious, and bringing worrying thoughts. Sometimes you can wake up during the night and find it impossible to get back to sleep as your tinnitus seems louder than ever, and negative thoughts keep going round and round in your head.

Some people try white noise generators, or sound generators that make noises like rain, the sea or whales, to drown out their tinnitus, but this can be disturbing to a husband, wife or partner, and then you end up with two people who can't sleep. Worse still, some people find that the level of noise they need to mask their tinnitus can make their tinnitus worse.

There's good news...

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Tinnitus Treatment Prices

Written by Site Manager. Posted in Tinnitus Treatments

SoundCureSerenade Treatment Package Price £2590 £2145

Reduced throughout February and March 2017 for Tinnitus Awareness Week #TAW2017

including assessment, fitting and two follow-up sessions

The SoundCure Serenade is in our opinion the most effective tinnitus treatment avilable to date. The majority (70%) of patients will experience a significant reduction in their tinnitus within minutes. Some patients can't hear their tinnitus at all when using Serenade. The Serenade is a small, mobile phone-sized device that you can take home and use as often, and for as long as you need relief from your tinnitus.

You can use Serenade wherever you would use an mp3 player, but it is so quiet that you can carry on a normal conversation, watch TV, or read a book while using it. It is completely safe as the treatment tone is set at a level below your tinnitus, yet it is extremely effective - far more effective than anything else we've seen. Serenade is tailored to your own unique tinnitus, and your tinnitus frequency (pitch), intensity (loudness), threshold at your tinnitus pitch, and loudness tolerance and loudnes growth are measured as part of the fitting process.

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