Julienne from N12 - Testimonial

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Testimonial From Julienne In N12 - praising Jason Levy for being patient, kind and helpful"I found the audiologist Jason Levy very competent, patient and helpful. I have been deaf forover forty years and have undergone a number of stapedectomy operations. I have come into contact with many professionals in audiology. I therefore have a good basis for comparison. I found Jason Levy extremely patient as I learned to use my new hearing aids. He is also very kind and helpful whenever I have needed advice and help." Jason Levy responds "I have enjoyed helping Julienne hear properly again. Stapedectomy is a middle ear operation where stiffness in the join between the middle ear bones and the oval window of the inner ear is treated. Unfortunately, this treatment is only temporary and the hearing loss usually returns, although it is not possible to say how quickly this will happen and many people experience decades of improved hearing before finally needing to wear hearing aids. Julienne's hearing in one ear had deteriorated to the point where the use of a hearing aid would no longer have given any useful improvement, so we tried what's known as a wireless BiCROS system. This sends sound wirelessly from one ear to a hearing aid which is worn on the other ear, and allows sound from both sides of the head to be heard (albeit in just the ear wearing the hearing aid). It is very helpful in situations such as dinner parties, where people can be talking to you on either side, and I have found that the Phonak CROS, linked wirelessly to the Phonak Audéo Q70 or Q90, or the Phonak Virto Q70 or Q90 is very effective. If you have one ear that isn't suitable for a hearing aid, please call the office on 020 7467 8473 to see if the Phonak CROS will be suitable for you. If you like this article, please share it using the social media buttons.

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