Alice from Swiss Cottage - Testimonial

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Alice from Swiss Cottage found her tinnitus halved after treatment from Jason Levy at The London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic

"For the past few years I have been finding it difficult to hear at the theatre and sometimes when talking on the phone. In addition with the onset of tinnitus, the noise, especially when I  got up in the morning was very disturbing. With my new hear aids most of my problems have been resolved. I can hear over background noise and my tinnitus is less noticeable - I received very good instructions from Jason Levy, and I felt as though he understood my problems. I have only been wearing the hearing aids for a few weeks, and I am looking forward to experiencing even more benefit as time goes on."


Jason Levy comments "Alice rated her hearing 6 out of 10 before wearing the hearing aids, but now with the Moxi Kiss Pros she rates her hearing as 9 out of 10. That on its own is an excellent improvement as Alice is still in the acclimatisation period as her brain gets used to interpreting the clearer sound, and it can only get better. She says she can now hear people in crowded situations and people who have soft voices. What's even more exciting is that she previously rated her tinnitus as 8 out of 10, but it has now gone down to 4 out of 10. Over such a short period

I think that's an impressive reduction. Alice has hardly had to use the combination tinnitus masker that is built in, but she has the security of knowing that it is there if she needs it. I expect in the medium term that her tinnitus will go down to a 3 or a 2 - maybe even 1 out of 10. The tendency is that most tinnitus patients find that once they have some control over their tinnitus - for instance by using a hearing aid, tinnitus masker, combination device such as the Unitron Moxi Kiss, or tinnitus suppressor such as the SoundCure Serenade - their tinnitus becomes less and less intrusive. I am very happy for Alice and the improvement that she is experiencing, and look forward to finding out how much more things have approved at future follow-ups."

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