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    Tinnitus treatment can come in many forms. For simplicity we have split it into two categories: Tinnitus Devices and Psychological Treatments, and each category has sub categories.

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      There are many types of tinnitus device.

      • Some are simple noise generators that provide an alternative focus from your tinnitus.
      • Others are designed to create relaxing sounds as well as distract you from your tinnitus.
      • If you have a hearing loss, then one of the most effective treatments is to wear correctly adjusted and appropriately prescribed hearing aids.
      • Combination Devices combine a hearing aid with a noise generator that either creates a soothing sound like the sea, or in the case of some devices, creates randomly generated chimes. Many patients swear by them and have found great relief from their tinnitus symptoms. Examples of good combination devices are the Phonak Audeo Q90, the Unitron Moxi Kiss, the Starkey Xino Tinnitus and the Widex Dream.
      • At the pinnacle of tinnitus devices, perhaps, are tinnitus suppressors. One such device with very good results is the Soundcure SerenadeSoundcure Serenade.
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